Flood Damage

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No, because it depends on how quickly it gets off of the field. I am sure some areas of fields will be affected…too early to tell. Plants under water for 3 or mare days will probably die. Maturity will be delayed in fields that are saturated for several days or longer. But there is no way to know until we see how quickly water moves off of fields. If the water gets off of the fields and fields dry out relatively well towards the end of the week there will be very little negative effect on yield. The real problem comes if we get another system that saturates the ground again. That is when the yield loss will really increase.
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Pitt county received about 11 inches of rainfall from Irene. What do you think this will do to this crop at this stage? Can you estimate what losses might occur from this event on a crop of peanuts with an estimated yield of 3200 lbs. Per acre?

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2011-049)