Temps in 40’s

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There are a number of questions about digging from this point forward. We have hit our threshold for essentially shutting down development (two days in mid to high 40s.) For peanuts almost ready to dig based on maturity, I would stay on schedule. For peanuts greater than 10 days away it becomes more challenging to decide. If we get a warming trend for a week or so and we do not have bad weather (rain,) peanuts could “get started” again and yields and grade could increase by waiting. So, I would look at the weather later this week and essentially make a decision based on frost potential and rainfall. If there is no frost predicted and no rain in the forecast, give the peanuts a few more days. If you can do that for a couple of times (3-5 days each) you might pick up more pounds and better grades. THIS TAKES A LOT OF PATIENCE. But, if there is an inkling of frost or a possibility of excessive rain that would limit field work, then I would dig soon. But the grower needs to make that call. How quickly can the farmer dig and pick? Only the grower knows.

Don’t forget that if a frost is projected growers need to stop digging 3 days before the frost to minimize frost damage.

Running the pod blaster this week can be helpful in terms of getting the chronological order of digging correct.

 Early morning temperatures


Rocky Mount


Friday morning 6 a.m. (9-30-11)




Saturday morning 6 a.m. (10-1-11)




Sunday morning 6 a.m. (10-2-11)




Monday morning 6 a.m. (10-3-11)




Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2011-058)