In-Furrow Products

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I know you will get some questions about adding products to in-furrow sprays. Outside of liquid or granular inoculant, Proline for suppression of CBR, and acephate as a liquid or Thimet as a granular (for thrips control,) I don’t see any need to add any other products. I understand completely that distributors have a lot of products and perhaps in some instances there is a positive response. BUT, with the expense of peanut seed and the few times a positive response will be obtained, I don’t see any value in adding fertilizer or growth stimulants to in-furrow systems. I think this is too risky for the potential benefits. Seed cost is about $150/acre. I would be firm on this. If someone wants to try something after peanuts emerge, there is much less risk (but probably not that much value) in applying non-traditional products.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2012-015)