No Need to Get in a Rush to Plant

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No need to get in a rush to plant…first week of May is soon enough…weather is so unpredictable and cost of seed approaches $150/acre. A two to three week difference in planting date will correspond to a 7 to 10 day difference in peanut maturity in the fall, in most cases. Plants will catch up. Possible freeze in some areas is predicted tonight while next week it may hit 90 degrees. People of a certain age always talk of the “cold snap in May.” That is not so bad if it is a regular cold snap, but a real cold snap can hurt the crop, especially if it is wet. In 2005 peanuts planted in early May took almost 3 weeks to emerge while those planted in mid May took less time and actually matched well in terms of maturity with the early planted peanuts. We probably lost some of the stand during that cold snap too.


Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2012-010)