5000 and 6000 Pound Club

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5000 and 6000 pound club event

Bob Sutter and I would like to recognize growers that achieved 5000 or 6000 pounds per acre on all of their acreage later this spring at a luncheon or dinner. This most likely will happen late in March or early April and we would like do this regionally. Historically, we had a Two Ton Club luncheon that was tied to a specific farm number. This was always a challenge, especially when growers turned in information from small fields. These entries were not based on total production. However, we will need all of the production considered for this recognition. The application process will be the same as the county champion and we want to give you plenty of time to announce this and receive entries. While Bob and I have not come up with dates and times, I would envision a northeast, central, and southern event. We would also encourage you as county agents to attend. Let us know what you think. Assuming you are all comfortable with this, please try to get the participants to fill out the survey. This always helps us get a feel for what folks are doing.

This luncheon is not just for those that entered the contest for county champion. If you can talk someone into providing information on yield per acre and it exceeds 5000 pounds they are welcome to come. It is up to you in terms of how much you want to advertise. I doubt you will have people follow-up on this if they did not follow-up on the county champion contest, but feel free to follow-up. There might be some people that did really well but just assumed they would not win the county. We have quite a few people that yielded over 5000 pounds that were not in the running for county champion. You can use the form we use for county champions. We just need you to feel comfortable that the information is correct. The more people that can come the better. I would like the surveys but that is not mandatory.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2013-008)