Orthene Thimet and Valor SX

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There have been some reports of stand issues following Orthene applied in the seed furrow. Based on how widespread this is recommendations on use may change for 2014. My experience has been that there has been little concern, at least in North Carolina, prior to the 2011 season. Dr. Chapin in South Carolina has always been concerned about this treatment but in North Carolina we have not observed an issue until recently (or we may not be as observant.) I looked at two trials we have in place this spring and at Lewiston (planted May 3) there is no difference in stand when comparing Orthene (I lb/acre) to other in-furrow treatments or non-treated controls. At Rocky Mount (planted May 15) I noted difference among several treatments with Orthene-treated peanuts coming up slower than some of the others. I will look at Whiteville Friday (Planted May 10.) My understanding is that peanut will eventually make a stand (based on work by Drs. Herbert and Balota at VT.) But it is disconcerting to start out slow and uncertain when it comes to stand establishment.

You also may be seeing some injury from Thimet and in most cases the peanuts will grow out of this quickly, although last year I know of one farmer on very sandy land that lost a lot of leaves before the peanuts turned around.

Finally, I am seeing a fair amount of Valor SX injury. Weather patterns have been conducive to this given the sporadic showers and some of these (last week) coming at about the time peanuts were emerging. My experience is that peanut will outgrow this quickly.

If you get calls on any of these be sure to ask what rate they applied (Thimet, Valor SX, Orthene.)

I’ve attached a few images relative to these issues.

Symptoms of Thimet injury (peanuts planted May 3)

Thimet injury on peanut leaves (planted May 3) Thimet injury on peanut leaves (planted May 3) Thimet injury on peanut leaves (planted May 3)

Valor SX injury

Valor SX injury on peanuts Valor SX injury on peanuts Valor SX injury on peanuts

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2013-029)