2014 Peanut Production Contest Reminder & Rules

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Don’t forget we need the peanut production champion from your county within the next few weeks. Please send your results to both Bob Sutter and me by e-mail with yield per acre, total acres, and points. There are several counties with vacancies for agricultural agents right now that often have very high peanut yields. We need to make sure these do not fall through the cracks. Chowan and Perquimans are the most obvious. Any county with at least 1,000 acres is eligible for county and possible state recognition. If you happen to be a county with fewer acres, a farmer can be recognized as a county champion but for state recognition that farmer will be compared with other farmers in this “small-acreage” category, with the person having the highest number of points from this group compared with county champions for state recognition.

Paul and Katy, please let me know how I can help in Chowan with the production contest or the tri-county meeting. I’m not sure who is directing Perquimans right now but please pass along to them that I can help with calculations.

2014 Peanut Production Contest Rules

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-005) and (PNNC-2014-006)