Pod Maturity in Video Clips

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If by chance you look at some of the video clips, when I go through determining maturity and decided when to dig you may be a little alarmed by the colors in that it seems like we are leaving them in the field too long. Part of that is how we did the video clip with me standing in the shade. It is hard to distinguish between the brown and black colors in the shade. A little later in the video I have a section in the sun and the colors are more apparent.

There is a good bit of psychology when it comes to deciding when to dig. Sometimes we try to guess at what people are actually going to do with the information and that can cause us to adjust or recommendation, probably when we shouldn’t. What I
have tried to do when I discuss digging is point out when the peanuts will be at optimum maturity. That  means this is the date the grower needs to shoot for. But I know in reality that date seldom matches with when they can actually dig. There are many reasons for this. So my recommendations are going to push the envelope a bit because I’m thinking optimum maturity and letting the logistics for each grower take care of themselves. We can certainly offer advice on those things but I think the core message of what we provide at the pod blaster is optimum maturity. With that said, with many of the large growers
we have getting the relative order of maturity (so they can dig in that order) correct is as important as getting an exact date correct. This is probably the most helpful thing we can do, getting the order. If we can encourage some people to wait just a little longer that too can be helpful, but often times once they start they will keep going. And then, order really does matter.

We are a long way off from digging but I looked at one of the clips on maturity and the pods do look really mature based on what I was recommending in the clip.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-013)