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Are there any restrictions on 2-4D application for burndown on peanut land. Was planning to spray Rup + 2-4D before breaking land.

My plan. What do you think?

  • Burndown – Roundup +2-4D
  • PPI – Prowl + 0.3 Dual?
  • PRE – Sequence + Valor


That should be fine. I would get it out there a month before planting as labels will say 30 days. The labels often state 30 days or until sufficient rainfall occurs to dissipate the product (some wording to that effect). We have sprayed it very close to planting, on the same day, and not had trouble but to be safe and in accordance with the label get it out as soon as you can at least 30 days before planting. With the expense of peanut seed the last thing you need is phenoxy injury on emerging peanut.

The herbicide program looks good. One thing to consider is the rate of metolachlor you will get in Sequence to get the burndown rate for the glyphosate. Even with a lower rate PPI you may be a bit on the high side for metolachlor with the PPI/PRE combination especially on your soils. If applying 0.3 pints of Dual Magnum you are low for PPI application but that might match with your PRE in Sequence to get a full rate metolachlor rate for the PPI/PRE combination. I would recommend half the rate PPI and half the rate PRE (if you put any metolachlor out PPI). The Sequence ties you into a certain rate because of what you need for glyphosate.

Also, keep in mind that if these fields have glyphosate resistant Palmer amaranth you might be vulnerable between the time you spray the Roundup + 2,4-D and the Sequence or after you till and then spray Sequence. You might get some horseweed and Palmer emerging and the glyphosate might miss them. Paraquat might be a good option if some of those weeds happen to be out there and you have a history of weed resistance.

Assuming spraying Roundup + 2,4-D allows you to disk less or till less. If it does not help you do that I would leave it off (limited value in the preplant burndown if you are going to till prior to planting, especially bottom plow…breaking or flushing…but you may simply mean disking, incorporation of herbicide and bedding with or without fumigation.)

Hope this helps.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-031)