Comments From UGA Weed Scientist About Warrant

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Warrant recently received both federal (January) and state (February) approvals for use on peanuts in Georgia. Here are a few thoughts, from UGA Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko, regarding its potential use in 2014:

  1. The current supplemental label only permits PRE and/or EPOST applications (before flowering).
  2. Of these 2 timings, I would prefer to see EPOST applications of Warrant tank-mixed with Gramoxone + Storm + NIS.
  3. At this point in time, I have NOT observed any real differences in weed control between Dual Magnum and Warrant based peanut weed control programs (Figure 1). However, there is some data that suggests that Warrant might be a better choice for non-irrigated fields.
  4. A copy of the current supplemental Warrant peanut label can be viewed at the following location:

  5. 5) I have made some suggestions to Monsanto that hopefully will result in a better and more usable label in the near future.

See complete post including research results, written by Jay Hathorn, University of Georgia, at

Article also appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-027)