Links to CS 415 IPM Lectures

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The following links have videos related to IPM principles used in peanut. Some questions on Exam 2 will be derived from these presentations. The PowerPoint slides are loaded on Moodle. Also, the 2014 Peanut Information Guide is loaded.

(These videos are only available to valid NC State University Unity account holders. )

2014 CS 415 IPM Southern Corn Rootworm in Peanut 

2014 CS 415 IPM Thrips Damage and TSWV in Peanut 

2014 CS 415 IPM Using Weather-based Advisories in Peanut

 2014 CS 415 IPM Spider Mites in Peanut

 2014 CS 415 IPM Compatibility of Pesticides and IPM in Peanut

2014 CS 415 IPM Cylindrocladium Black Rot (CBR) in Peanut

 2014 CS 415 IPM Developing Countries and IPM Peanut Example

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-036)