Warrant Can Help but Not Replace POST Herbicides

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I have had a few questions about Warrant. This product will not replace the postemergence herbicides we use. What it adds is residual control for weeds that Dual and Dual Magnum also control. However, Warrant does not control nutsedge while Dual or Dual Magnum suppresses nutsedges relatively well.

A selling point for Warrant is price. My understanding is that it is less expensive than Dual Magnum and also the generic metolachlor materials. My suggestion is that growers consider including Dual or Dual Magnum and Warrant as herbicides in a weed control program. These herbicides are not mixed but one could be applied preemergence and the other early postemergence. Both herbicides can be mixed with Valor SX and postemergence herbicides. Neither Warrant nor Dual/Dual Magnum has activity on emerged weeds.

In fields with challenges in controlling Palmer amaranth and other troublesome weeds Warrant can help. But that is the key – help. It can help but do not expect a miracle. But when used in a program, just like Dual/Dual Magnum, it can definitely help. In some cases the more intensive residuals at planting and through the early postemergence timing can take pressure off of Cadre, Pursuit, Cobra, Ultra Blazer, Strom, 2,4-DB. But Warrant will not replace these but will help.

Hope this helps.

Can’t believe how often I typed the word “help.”

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-040)