Cadre and Cotton

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E-mail string about Cadre in peanut and impact on Cotton the next year 


Trying to control Purple Nutsedge. Want to plant cotton next year. Are you comfortable with Cadre? I know the label says 18 months. Back in the day, Seemed to be more of an issue in dry years. I have not seen much cadre use recently so wondering about your ideas related to cotton rotation.

Jordan answer: 

The label has not changed. I think 1 in 3 years you will have a noticeable problem but that is generally in areas of the field that maybe have more clay or there is overlap. When the 1 year occurs is not predictable. Many folks will use it and accept some possible injury to cotton. It is certainly off label. Yield would be reduced in those areas but probably not more than 20%. Some people have been spot spraying purple nutsedge as it occurs in patches. But then it is often obvious that it can carryover. For that reason I think it is a concern because when you spray the entire field it is not always obvious you have an issue because the field was treated the same. Also, the injury will not be apparent until a month or 6 weeks later as it takes a while for the plant to accumulate an amount that can affect plants. The cotton essentially stops growing and the internodes will be stacked and cotton plants often have a purple look to them.

But there is not much you can do to purple nutsedge outside of Cadre, especially if it is thick.

Follow up: 

Thanks David,

This is well thought out and has the ideas that I needed to help my farmer make a decision. I believe we are going to use Cadre with the idea that the damage to the peanuts would be certain and the risk to the cotton would likely not be any worse than the loss to the peanuts in a worst case scenario. Otherwise we may see not cotton injury and that would be the win win. I think by going out early and getting the cadre behind us may also help us give a little more time for the Cadre to be gone by next season.

Thanks for your help.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-055)