Dogfennel and Marestail Control With POST Herbicides

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I have a grower with 6 to 8 inch dog fennel. Peanuts are about 3 inches across. He has a few mares tail and very small other stuff like MG. Will Gramoxone and basagran be the best recommendation?


Probably…use higher Paraquat rate for peanut. Strongarm POST is pretty good on small marestail.

More informed answer: 

Cadre and Strongarm give about 40% dogfennel control

Paraquat and Basagran about 25% dogfennel control

Pursuit, Cobra, Ultra Blazer, 2,4-DB about 5% dogfennel control

Strongarm at 1X rate POST (4-8 inch) gives about 85% marestail control

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-058)