Paraquat (Weed Control) Question

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I know that one can apply up to 30 days but should it really be 2 weeks after planting? Also, in addition to 1/2 of Basagran, should a non-ionic surfactant be added? Gramoxone rate?


I would prefer 2-3 weeks after emergence because weeds are generally smaller and peanut has more time to recover. However, it is safe to use later, up to 28 days after emergence. Add non-ionic surfactant at 1 pint per 100 gallons of spray solution. Use 5.4 oz product per acre if formulation is 3.0 lbs ai/gal. Use 8 oz product per acre if formulation is 2.5 lbs ai/gal. See page 69 in 2014 Peanut Information for more detail.

I have had some questions about paraquat plus Storm applied early postemergence. This is a really effective treatment and is used a great deal in the southeast. But I prefer holding off on the acifluorfen (part of Storm) until later in the season. The paraquat plus bentazon might get everything out there if timed well and thus gives you greater flexibility later with POST treatments containing PPO herbicides. If I added anything to the paraquat plus bentazon plus surfactant it would be residual herbicides such as Dual products, Warrant or Outlook.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-057)