Question About Generic Imidacloprid

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Peanut info book says rate is 7 – 10.5 oz/a of Admire Pro. In cotton we have had good success with 9 oz. What rate has been used in peanut research?

Also, grower has a generic imidacloprid. First caution I see is peanuts is not on the label for in-furrow. Second is it is a 2F product. So, to get the equalivent of 9 oz of the 4.6 lb product, he will need 21 oz.

Any thoughts? that is a lot of product…


We looked at 10 oz. Rick’s protocols for 2014 have 9 oz. Dewayne has gotten me some generic imidacloprid and if we have room we will try some. I don’t think there will be a problem with Admire Pro and inoculant but I do not know about the generic. Safe answer is that it is not on the label so they should not use it. That is both safe and correct (I have not looked at the generic label.) But I suspect that is what a lot of people are actually using.

Remind people that seed is expensive and correcting a nitrogen deficiency in new ground caused by inoculant failure is also very expensive. These are unknowns with generic imidacloprid. Suggest spending a little more money and have someone with a label to complain to if there is a problem. Suggest for unknown mixtures farmers put a peat-based inoculant (it is cheap) in hoppers with seed as insurance in new ground in case inoculant in furrow is compromised by other products.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-044)