Additional Weed Control Questions

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We have not looked at Warrant mixed with Orthene, Gramoxone SL and Basagran. We have looked at that combination a great deal with Dual Magnum in place of Warrant. You will get about 10-15% more paraquat injury when the chloroacetamide is included even with Basagran present. But in my experience the peanut recover quickly and that 10-15% has no lasting impact. With Warrant we are applying 3 pints while Dual Magnum is 1 to 1.3 pints. There is a lot more formulation in Warrant and that is an unknown. We used to see more burn from Lasso than Dual simply because of a high rate of product and emulsifiers in the formulation. I doubt that is the case with Warrant but the rate is high. We hope to answer some of this as the season progresses.

Always add 1 pint/100 gallons of solution with paraquat. Some folks in the southeastern US have been leaving that off when they mix Dual Magnum. I think this is even recommended by the manufacturer but they have not changed the label. The lower surfactant rate should not increase injury and I suggest that nonionic surfactant be included in the mixture. Overt the season in a comprehensive program there will be no difference (with and without surfactant.) However, I’m not sure what happens with a single application and for that reason the adjuvant needs to be present.

I was asked what will control dock in peanut. I think I had dock in a trial at Lewiston a decade ago and Cadre controlled it very well. The active ingredient in Cadre is actually used in pastures, I think, so I’m not surprised it controlled it well.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-063)