Question About Potassium (K) and Paraquat

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1) I have a grower who made a very late change in his plans and planted a 60 acre field without fertilizing. It is mapped as a Wagram and has mostly very low k indexes…much of the field would call for 70-80 lbs. of K2O. I am pretty sure they are Baileys, but they could be 09’s. What would you do now?

2) Also, how much injury is adding another shot of Dual to an early post app of Gramoxone + Basagran? We have some serious palmer pressure on some of these fields.


Apply the K as recommended but make sure gypsum is applied. I have tried to create a problem with potash, like this scenario, and had no luck (for 5 years in early 2000s, see table 3-14, data are pooled over K rates applied right after planting – I was surprised but the data showed no problem with the rates we are discussing here.) I think applying the gypsum is the key. A normal us rate is fine.

Adding Dual is fine. Make sure peanuts have been up for fewer than 28 days and include Basagran and surfactant at 1 pt/100 gal. Make sure thrips damage is not excessive. When a seed tmt or in-furrow is applied control is almost always adequate to allow paraquat use.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-061)