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I enjoyed seeing many of you yesterday (I mean I enjoyed seeing everyone present, it’s just that not all of you on this e-mail list came yesterday…I know a few of you are parsing through each word, not for peanut information but for ammunition for a future verbal dart, so I wanted to clear that up.) Thanks for coming and being patient with my answers and my getting lost among the weeds…tragic. Barbara gave us excellent information on disease management and Dewayne and Brian had the plots looking great, along with help from the station folks.

Here are images from some of the plots we walked through in the preemergence test. I’ll share the ratings later in the year, as all of you know any individual plot can be misleading. So, I have no reason to suspect PPO resistance in this field and the escapes from many of these treatments (Palmer amaranth escapes) are most likely due to the heavy population (knowing a few will get by) and the heavy rains we had (these treatments received a hard, 2.4-inch rain the night after planting and spraying.) But just for arguments sake, say some of these are PPO resistant. That would create a huge issue for us in peanuts and also in other crops. We are relying heavily on PPOs, especially Valor SX preemergence and Cobra, Ultra Blazer and Storm postemergence in peanut.

Also, many of these programs would be adequate with an early season follow-up with paraquat plus Basagran or Cobra, Ultra Blazer and perhaps Storm if timed well. Cadre would clean a lot of this up but in this field about 1/3 or more of the Palmer amaranth is ALS resistant.

I’m not sure where Brake will fit in peanuts. The challenge is having an efficacious rate at a low enough price. Peanut tolerance is very good. I don’t know if the active ingredient in Zidua will make it to the peanut market as Zidua or in Fierce as a component along with flumioxazin.

I am going to send a few more images and comments from our time yesterday.

Thanks again for coming!

weedy field, not treated with herbicides

Image 1. Non-treated

peanut field treated with Fierce

Image 2. Treated with Fierce at 3 oz/acre

peanut field treated with Dual Magnum and Valor SX

Image 3. Treated with Dual Magnum (1.33 pt/acre) plus Valor SX (2 oz/acre)

peanut field treated with Warrant plus Valor SX

Image 4. Treated with Warrant (3 pt/acre) plus Valor SX (2 oz/acre)

peanut field treated with Dual Magnum plus Spartan Charge

Image 5. Treated with Dual Magnum (1.33 pt/acre) plus Spartan Charge (5 oz/acre)

peanut field treated with Brake plus Valor SX

Image 6. Treated with Brake (12.8 oz/acre) plus Valor SX (2 oz/acre)

peanut field treated with Brake F2

Image 7. Treated with Brake F2 (16 oz/acre)

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-079)