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Weed Control Question: 

Looking for 2 herbicide suggestions.

1. I have some weeds in peanuts 2-4″ where dirt covered up small weeds at planting 2 weeks ago. Now weeds thru and pnuts ~3-4″ wide. Chem rep told grower to go with 12oz cobra 8oz basagran 16oz 24db. Some pnuts struggling emerging later in clay. Full rate db really worries me. We are finding ragweed, mg, lq, g, henbit, eclipta. What do you think? I was inclined to go with 8oz Gramoxone + 1.5pts storm but is like your suggestion.

2. Behind corn in 2013 lots of small mostly red root pigweed and grass 1″ currently. Prowl and strongarm pre. I suggested grower put a pint of dual asap. I hope to get a rain on dual today. Going to follow up with post app. Do you have some suggestions? I’m thinking pursuit (hope no ALS resistance) or Gramoxone/storm. Would you lean toward one of these or have a better suggestion?


1. Leave off the 2,4-DB. Gramoxone plus Storm is a good combination. It can be hot but not too hot. Weeds are past the paraquat size for complete control so you do need to move to a PPO to help the paraquat. This is a good recommendation.

2. Gramoxone 8 oz plus Basagran 8 oz plus Dual. Weeds are very small so save the PPO for a later application in case you need it. Hope this helps.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-065)