Late Season Herbicides

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Depending on product labels, the 2,4-DB pre harvest interval is 45-60 days. We are quickly approaching that restriction and have passed it in some cases. Also, some questions have focused on tolerance during pod fill. I am going to send you a reprint of a Peanut Science paper with some of that information. We have not observed issues with yield with late-season applications of 2,4-DB. Historically, there have been issues with Spanish and Valencia market types and late-season applications of this herbicide. Select and other clethodim formulations cannot be applied within 40 days of harvest.

These are the two herbicides that most likely will be applied late in the season. I will follow up with information on Aim and ET but those are applied very close to harvest as a harvest aid and primarily for morningglory control.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-109)