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Tank mix question: Can you tank mix Provost, Boron, Peanut Special, select and crop oil together?


I would not put all those together. Provost and boron. Come back a day or so later with Select, manganese and oil.


You may be getting some questions about multiple mixtures of pesticides and other products. My answer about the above 5-way mixture is based on several things. First, the cop oil might increase boron absorption enough to burn leaves. We have often seen that crop oil and nonionic surfactant increase accumulation of boron in leaf tissue and in theory that could cause increased burn. But in most cases this is a relatively minor concern but it is difficult to know what will happen with the other components. Although some people do it and never bat an eye, mixing manganese and boron can in some cases cause mixing problems. It is best to apply these separately. Provost is a bit of a wild card. We have on occasion heard of increased phyto on peanuts when 2,4-DB is applied with Provost. Dr. Balota sent me an image (which I will forward to you) showing leaf burn with the mixture of manganese and Provost. Provost seems to be unpredictable at times. Another reason to apply the Provost and Select/crop oil separately is because the Provost needs to reach the base of the plant for stem rot and the crop oil most likely will keep the Provost on the leave. So, bottom line is to apply these sequentially, several days apart.

I also had a question about applying Apogee, Provost and boron (and the crop oil and nitrogen to go with it). The same logic applies given crop oil and nitrogen are needed for Apogee and these adjuvants may minimize movement to base of the plant.

I will send a few papers that address tank mixtures in general. I am certainly loading you down with peer-reviewed papers. I hope you will skim them. When it comes to mixtures it gets complicated. We also have a chapter in 2014 Peanut Information that addresses this in general terms.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-111)