Late Season Fungicide Selection

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Comments from Barbara Shew on Late-Season Fungicide Selection… 

Most people are getting ready to make their final foliar fungicide application of the year. Normally I make a hard and fast recommendation to use Bravo for this final spray. However, in very limited circumstances it may be better to consider alternatives. Here is a summary of my recommendations:

If the field has no Sclerotinia blight, the final fungicide application should always be Bravo.

If the field has Sclerotinia blight and will be dug within 14 days, use Bravo. At this point Sclerotinia will not do much damage in addition to what is already there.

If you are still going to make an Omega or Endura application, or have Sclerotinia well under control with a recent application, use Bravo

If you are going to make a Fontelis application to control Sclerotinia, no other leaf spot fungicide is necessary until two weeks from now. Use 1.5 pt/a Fontelis if Sclerotinia control is desired.

If ALL of the following apply: There is heavy Sclerotinia pressure AND you can’t apply Omega, Endura, or Fontelis AND it’s more than 2 weeks before digging, AND if you have not already used a group 11 fungicide twice this year, consider using Headline for leaf spot control.

In other words, the situations where it is appropriate to make a final leaf spot spray of something other than Bravo are pretty uncommon.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-138)