Peanuts Sprouting in the Field

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 Peanuts just one or two sprouting in field?


This does happen naturally. In most cases it is not often and at a very low percentage. Our eye migrates to what is different (In this case there are a lot pods that are fine but our eye tunes into the odd pod that has kernels that have sprouted. We do the same thing when we assess disease in the field or other issues.) Runners and Virginia types have about 4 months of dormancy within but that certainly can vary and conditions in the field can change this slightly. We used to grow a variety called VA 98R and it was notorious for sprouting, but even at its worse it was a low percentage. But this is seldom if ever a real issue for us. If we were growing Spanish or Valencia botanical/market types we would have a big problem. These types are grown in the southwest in arid environments under irrigation. Farmers can control water and can avoid sprouting after peanuts mature. S and V types have little to no dormancy. Hope this helps.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-142)