Fall Temperatures

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Good reminder from Curtis. Sunday morning was cool. We often indicate that if you have 2 mornings in a row in the high 40s or lower, growth and development essentially ceases. However, we have seen these temperatures occur and if a warm snap of a week or so occurs peanuts can get back going. Keep this in mind for late-maturing peanut. But, freeze damage is catastrophic. Our rule of thumb is that under good drying conditions in the field a period of 3 days should occur between digging and frost.

NC’s First Frost and Freeze Climatology from the State Climate Office of North Carolina

Duplin County Center

Duplin Frost & Freeze Dates

Fall temperatures this past weekend bring the question of average first frost date and average first freeze date for Duplin County.
The Duplin Co. Average 1st Frost Date (1981-2010) is October 26.

The Duplin Co. Average 1st Freeze Date (1981-2010) is November 2.

Will 2014 be average?


Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2014-144)