In-Furrow Applications

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Yes, we have a lot of data showing that Admire Pro can be successfully mixed with Proline and Optimize Lift. One caution: for good thrips control, the application must be delivered directly into the seed furrow (not to the side) so that the seed are wetted (not too far behind the seed drop). We have generally had very good results with a micro-tube that delivers a steady stream rather than via a nozzle. Nozzles can work if they are designed to deliver a stream. Fan-type nozzles (fan patterns) are not good.

Ames Herbert

Jordan follow up:

We use the same setup described by Dr. Herbert and that has worked very well. I will add that we have had a number of trials in new ground, so we do feel comfortable with the impact of imidacloprid on life of the Bradyrhizobia.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2015-015)