Treflan Use in Peanut

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Initial Question from a Consultant:

David, why is Treflan not labeled PPI in peanuts in NC?

Answers from Jordan:

Dow positioned Sonalan for the southeast and V-C area rather than Treflan. I suspect they could charge more. They used to have a product called Balan. I do think Treflan can injure peanuts more than Prowl but have not found a data set that shows that.

Follow up Question from Jordan:

Eric, I am getting a few questions about Treflan use in peanut. Other than Dow pursuing Sonalan rather than Treflan for the V-C and Southeast, is there any reason why it is not labeled? I have assumed that Treflan can injure peanut more than Prowl just based on thoughts that Treflan is more active on some of the larger-seeded broadleaf weeds compared with Prowl. Thanks for any input. David

Answer from Prostko (University of Georgia):

See attached. Something I wrote for our agents a few years back.

Jordan Follow up:

Planting peanut following Treflan is in violation of the Treflan label.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2015-024)