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Following up on some marestail escapes in No Till Peanuts. What are your thoughts on Gramoxone + Butyrac. I also have a plow at my disposal.


The Gramoxone and 2,4-DB rates we use are not great on this weed once peanuts are up. I would not mix Gramoxone and 2,4-DB. Strongarm has some activity on marestail if they are not too big. If peanuts are cracking in the field this is a legal application but expensive just for marestail. Most of the in-season peanut herbicides applied POST give about 50% control at best. Strongarm is better but if big and hardened weeds are there it will be relatively weak. They need to be thick for this to be applied. Marestail is competitive but not the worst thing in the world if they are at relatively low numbers.

We had this question last year. Here is the answer:

Question on Dogfennel and Marestail Control


I have a grower with 6 to 8 inch dog fennel. Peanuts are about 3 inches across. He has a few mares tail and very small other stuff like MG. Will Gramoxone and basagran be the best recommendation?


Probably…use higher Paraquat rate for peanut. Strongarm POST is pretty good on small marestail.

More informed answer:

  • Cadre and Strongarm give about 40% dogfennel control
  • Paraquat and Basagran about 25% dogfennel control
  • Pursuit, Cobra, Ultra Blazer, 2,4-DB about 5% dogfennel control
  • Strongarm at 1X rate POST (4-8 inch) gives about 85% marestail control

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2015-040)