Transition From Paraquat Plus Basagran to Storm, Ultra Blazer or Cobra

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We are in the peak time to apply paraquat plus Basagran (plus residuals like Dual, Outlook or Warrant and plus acephate.) Apply paraquat within 28 days after peanuts emerge but I would lean toward 2-3 weeks after emergence. With any of the in-furrow products for thrips there should be enough control to keep peanuts from being injured by thrips enough to cause issues with paraquat. This treatment should kill pigweeds and other weeds that are 2 inches or less on a consistent basis. Some folks are applying paraquat and either 1 or 1.5 pints of Storm. This has the Basagran you need for safening and gives some Blazer for added control. This treatment will be better on pigweeds but pretty hot on peanuts. I always stunt peanuts with paraquat plus Storm but it is a very popular treatment further south. If you have a weedy mess that is big for paraquat but seems to be early for full rates of Cobra or Ultra Blazer, the paraquat plus Storm can be a good bridge. It is still May and a lot of folks are considering Cobra, Blazer and Storm already because PRE herbicides have been poorly activated in many fields. For paraquat we have had good success applying 8-10 oz/acre of acephate with no appreciable injury over paraquat alone. For PPOs, they will be hot as usual and adding residuals will make them even hotter but many folks need to get some residual in fields. Try to get these out as quickly as possible when the pigweeds are 5 inches or less. If we can’t get some residual control many folks will be making two PPO applications and might include Cadre in with one of them. 2,4-DB can still be applied late in the season and 2 applications spaced 10 or so days apart can suppress pigweeds fairly well. But controlling them early with paraquat and PPOs protects yield. If we make more than 2 applications of PPOs we will get 200-400 pound/acre yield hits, especially if the sprays are made during pod formation and fill.

Be as timely as possible. If you have to spray several times and we know this might hurt yield, hit small weeds so you get as much out of the investment and injury as you can. Keep in mind for those mixing Cadre with Ultra Blazer or Cobra that the resistant weeds that the Cadre misses will be killed by the PPOs only if the weeds are 5 inches or less. And try to get some more residual out there is the form of Dual or Warrant. Hopefully you will catch a rain on these latter applications. Also, to get as much out of paraquat and PPOs, spray at 20 GPA or more. This will really help with coverage. Crop oil or 80/20 surfactant perform the same in most cases. But control with crop oil is often more noticeable and few days to a week after application.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2015-045)