Pigweeds, Morningglory and Sicklepod

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I have a grower that has not applied any herbicide since planting his peanuts. He has 4-6 inch pigweed, morning glory, and sickle pod. Too late for Gramoxone + Basagran. What should we use? And at what rate? I was thinking storm + DB but what are your thoughts? Thanks


If the farmer is not planting cotton next year I would apply Cobra (8 oz) plus Cadre (4 oz) plus 80/20 surfactant. If the farmer is going to plant cotton I would apply Cobra (12 oz) plus DB (16 oz) plus 80/20 surfactant (and then follow up with DB a few weeks later, this is needed because of the sicklpod.) Substitute Ultra Blazer for Cobra if you want.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2015-064)