Digging and Frost

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Question on October 14:

The question I’m getting from growers right now concerns digging peanuts. They are wondering if they should cease digging on Friday due to forecasted cooler temperatures over the weekend. WRAL has Goldsboro at 40 and 41 degrees Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. In your professional opinion, is this enough of a risk of frost to shut down digging until after the temps moderate? The crop needs to be out of the ground asap.

Answer 1:

I don’t think there will be a significant frost at 40. But if it gets much lower yes. The challenge is differences in topography even within some fields or sections that have lower temps.

Answer 2:

They need a minimum of 3 full days of drying. If frost is expected Monday morning I would not dig after Thursday afternoon.

Follow up to agents:

Keep your eyes on frost potential. I am hearing a wide range of predictions about this weekend, especially Monday morning. There needs to be 3 full, good drying days between digging and frost. Depending on where you are you may not want to dig after tomorrow (Thursday.) Some folks have had success picking immediately after digging (same day.) If you wait a few days they become mighty tough.