Preliminary Results With Quick-Sol in Peanuts 2015

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Analysis of variance (F value and P>F) for pod yield as influenced by Quick-Sol applied 2, 4, and 6 weeks after planting at 10 oz product per acre.
Trial 22.73 (p < 0.0001)
Quick-Sol 0.3 (p = 0.5690)
Trial X Quick-Sol 0.41 (p = 0.7989)
Coefficient of variation (%) 13.6
Peanut yield (lbs/acre) without and following application of Quick-Sol. Data are pooled over 5 trails during 2015.
No Quick-Sol 4,263
Quick-Sol 4,371
P>F 0.5690
Peanut yield (lbs/acre) as influenced by trial. Data are pooled over Quick-Sol treatments.
Lewiston Field B3 planted May 4 5,933a
Lewiston Field B3 planted May 18 4,455b
Rocky Mount Field C6 4,155bc
Rocky Mount Field C9A 3,480d
Rocky Mount Field C9B 3,563cd
P>F <0.0001

A minimum of 60 feet separated plots.

A new backpack sprayer was used to apply treatments.

Applied in 15 GPA at 31 psi.

Applied 2, 4 and 6 weeks after planting at 10 oz product per acre at each timing.

Treatments were replicated 4 times in each trial.

Variety Bailey.

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Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2015-158)