Volunteer Peanut Control in Tobacco and Other Crops

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Question about Volunteer Peanuts in Tobacco


I’ve been asked to speak at the South Carolina Tobacco Day on Dec. 16th and plan to cover our Palmer study. In addition to that, I’ve been asked to make a few comments about volunteer peanut control since the weather down there this season is bound to promote this issue. Do you have any thoughts about how this might be accomplished?

My initial thought is that IF a grower were to give deep tillage a try, the deep seed burial should reduce total germination. However, if we think about the re-introduction aspect that was observed in my study due to tillage, this might not be a silver bullet. Also, what is the injury potential of Spartan to peanut? I looked at the Spartan 4F label and do not see anything. Might thought process is that Spartan should be applied for tobacco and if peanut is sensitive, perhaps the herbicide will offer some form of suppression. What do you think?


It could be the deep tillage option is as good as you will get. Spartan [Charge] is labeled for use in peanut. Liberty prior to transplant might work but nothing in crop. Cultivation will work and peanuts are not that competitive.

Follow up:

I do think cultivation will eventually take care of peanut in tobacco but given the struggles we had in 2015 I suspect the densities of volunteer peanut will be high in many fields. In cotton it will be easy to control volunteer peanut by applying Liberty. I’ll look through options in corn, soybean and milo but Liberty would work in corn and soybean if you could use the most appropriate hybrid or variety. The challenge is the yield potential of these hybrids or varieties. Not sure for crops like sweet potato or vegetables. More information to come.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2015-170)