Delays in Spraying After Mixing

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Good evening, was there or is there any data that is available that talks about how much a pesticide may break down or how it may be less effective if left for hours at the time in the tank. If that data is available could you point me in direction to find that data or provide me with some of that data. Thanks.


We did some work on that. Shockingly we saw no major difference among a lot of treatments. I will send you the papers in just a little while. But this was an example of needing to use caution applying these data to real world simply because we could shake and shake and finally get things back in solution. And, except for one trial with inoculants, all work was at pH around 6.

Follow up:

The question of whether or not to add more pesticide is a challenging one. But if the tank sat overnight with inoculant in it, I would add the full amount of fresh inoculant product to the tank before I planted. If for some reason there is a delay in application of any pesticide, periodically agitating the tank is important to do.

Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2016-016)