How Long Can Inoculant Remain in the Tank Without Loss of Efficacy Peanut Notes No. 27 2018

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Companies state that inoculant should be applied on the same day they are put in the spray tank. I agree, and if you are not able to plant that day I would add a full rate of inoculant with the tank the next day. Inoculants cost around $10/acre (this varies) but constitutes 1% of production cost of $900/acre. See pages 25 and 26 of 2018 Peanut Information for a discussion on economic return for inoculant and the challenges with correcting a nitrogen deficiency. Do not mess around on new ground. Inoculant performance becomes the single most important element of success and economic return in those fields. I also recommend that on new ground growers apply a peat-based material with seed in the seed hopper. That is inexpensive insurance. Always use fresh inoculant every day.