Mistake With Herbicide Rates Peanut Notes No. 31 2018

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A grower applied 7 oz/acre of Valor SX. A grower several years ago made a similar mistake (6 oz/acre) on some acreage but ended up making well over 5000 pounds/acre. We have had trials comparing 3, 6, and 9 oz/acre and observed considerable injury with 6 and 9 oz/acre but were pleasantly surprised with yield response. Peanut can recover well. The farmer in question this year did receive rain within 3 days after planting/application and that goes a long way toward minimizing injury. Peanut are resilient. Keep in mind that with big sprayers that cover a lot of acres a mixing error can cover many acres before you realize there is an issue. Double and triple checking calculations and mixing steps are important ways to minimize mistakes (I am reminding myself of that with this note.)