Paraquat Application Timing Peanut Notes No. 52 2018

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The cutoff date from applying paraquat on peanut is within 28 days after peanut emerge. There is a significant gap in emergence this year due to excessive rainfall in mid and late May. Peanut planted the first week of May most likely emerged by May 10-15. Applying paraquat after June 10-15 in these fields can result in yield loss. The best window for paraquat is within 3 weeks after emergence. Residual herbicides typically provide control for several weeks and applying paraquat within 3 weeks after emergence often results in weeds being smaller and paraquat being more effective. In many fields where weeds are an issue (most fields in NC) residual weed control beyond what is observed with PPI and PRE herbicides will be needed. Applying paraquat plus Basagran plus either metolachlor products, Outlook, Warrant or Zidua is a good approach. While these herbicide combinations are compatible with acephate, there is still a risk for yield reduction if these herbicides are applied with acephate and thrips injury is significant. Keep your eyes on thrips injury and correct that quickly and then apply herbicides soon thereafter.