Peanut Stands and Replanting Peanut Notes No. 57 2018

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When the peanut population is above 8 plants per foot of row there is a chance yields will decrease compared to yields when populations are 5 to 7 plants per foot of row. If the field has 2 or fewer plants per foot I would drop in and plant 3 seed. If the population is 3 I would not do anything. This is a tough call. I would include inoculant in the replant, at least as a hopper box treatment with seed. Even at this late date of planting some thrips control is generally warranted. That can be achieved with in-furrow systemic insecticide or a very TIMELY (but certainly challenging) foliar spray of acephate. With late plantings we need to avoid as many stresses as possible to help the crop mature as quickly as possible.