Use of 2,4-DB Peanut Notes No. 55 2018

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While 2,4-DB can be applied safely to peanut early in the year (not with paraquat), my recommendation is to hold off with 2-4-DB (at least the maximum rate) until later in the season. When applying 2,4-DB early with Storm, Cobra, Basagran, Cadre or Ultra Blazer, consider applying ½ the rate (8 ounces/acre). This can save the balance of the total amount legal per year until later in the season. In many fields we will have Palmer amaranth that escapes PPI, PRE and typical POST herbicides, and while the number of plants may be relatively low compared with what was killed, it is still important to keep these individuals from producing seed. One approach to this is to pull them up (if you do this soon enough you do not have to carry them out of the field.)  Another alternative is to make sequential applications of 2,4-DB with fungicide sprays. This can injure Palmer amaranth enough to minimize seed production (not completely) and keep these plants from causing yield loss and further pod loss during digging. We also have sicklepod in some fields that can be hard to control when it becomes large. Sequential applications of 2,4-DB can suppress growth of this weed in a manner that keeps it from being a major problem as the season progresses and reduces the impact on digging and harvest efficiency.