Boron and Manganese Peanut Notes No. 71 2018

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Boron and manganese are essential micronutrients for peanut. See pages 29-30 in 2018 Peanut Information for detailed discussion. These products can be applied with fungicides, insecticides and herbicides in most cases. See the chapter in 2018 Peanut Information on compatibility of agrochemicals applied to peanut.

In many instances applying both boron and manganese together can cause compatibility issues. A sequential approach is generally best. Order of application is not a major issue. Manganese symptoms will be obvious and are often associated with high pH. Boron deficiency shows up in kernel development. However, boron toxicity is not uncommon when sprays overlap or farmers slow down at the end of a pass while sprayers are active. Burn is generally not yield limiting but should be avoided.

Note the calculation for dry and liquid products in terms of amount needed to address a deficiency. When using dry materials make sure the product goes into solution. Water quality can affect this. Creating a slurry is recommended in the mixing processs. Follow labels on order of mixing when applied with other products.