Pops in Peanuts Peanut No. 93 2018

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Some people are observing pops (unfilled pods) in peanuts. There are several possible reasons for this, and we discuss these on pages 27-30 in 2018 Peanut Information as related to calcium and boron nutrition. Dry weather can limit calcium movement into developing pegs and pods (either native calcium in soil or calcium applied as gypsum.)  Heavy rains after gypsum application but prior to pods forming and developing can leach gypsum through the soil profile and make it unavailable for pods. There are some areas of the state where major rains occurred during this window. Boron is also an important element in kernel formation and should be applied to all peanut. Most growers apply boron to peanut foliage, although a significant amount of the applied boron is absorbed through the root system. Boron can also leach through the soil profile with heavy rains.