Preliminary Comments on Disease Management After Florence Peanut Notes No. 128 2018

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Preliminary Comments on Disease Management after Hurricane Florence

Many folks were trying to get in one more fungicide application either before Hurricane Florence hit or this week following the storm to suppress leaf spot. In some areas spraying this week is a distinct possibility. However, that is not the case in all areas and in those places timeliness may only occur by fixed-wing aircraft. The threshold for applying fungicide for leaf spot control is 20% of foliage with lesions. The early digging (prior to optimum pod maturity) threshold is 50% defoliation caused by leaf spot. The epidemic in the peanut canopy is already set for 50% or more defoliation if 20% defoliation is in the canopy right now. This is irrespective of the fungicide sprayed. Spraying when the canopy has more than 20% of leaves with lesions is of no value.