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Posts related to 2014 Peanut Notes and Crop Report (5)

recently dug peanut plant in field

Crop Report September 19, 2014

Digging (Figure 1) of peanut in the V-C region has begun in earnest with approximately 25% of the crop in …

peanut vines in field

Crop Summary September 4, 2014

Temperature has reached normal levels over the past 2 weeks and is forecasted to be normal over the coming …

peanut canopy in early August

JLA Report August 5, 2014

The peanut crop in the V-C region continues to progress nicely moving into August. In most cases rainfall has …

Development of peanut planted May 22

Crop Update July 17, 2014

The peanut crop as a whole continues to progress well going into the third week of July. While much …

peanut field

JLA Report July 5, 2014

Peanuts in the majority of the V-C region continue to progress nicely moving into July. However, some areas with …