Risk in Fields With High Zinc Concentrations Peanut Notes No. 27 2021

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We have peanuts going on some land that has places with extremely high zinc levels (750-900) and unfortunately the grower isn’t able to rotate that field out of peanuts. We have limed it fairly heavy targeting 6.3 to 6.4 since they picked it up thinking they’re rotation may eventually include that (they’re predominately Sweet Potato and Tobacco growers).

My question was wondering if there is a difference in the tolerance of Runners (specifically TUFRunners) and Virginia types? Or is it such a slight difference and the numbers are so extreme that it really doesn’t matter one way or the other?

Jordan Answer:

Variety should not matter based on my experiences. These numbers are too high. Even with higher pH this cannot be overcome. Our recommendation is that peanuts not be planted if the index is 250 or higher. I think this is too risky. I can’t imagine there will not be a major issue with yield.