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5000 Pound Club Final

Here are the certificates presented to peanut growers in North Carolina who produce at least 5000 pounds per acre during 2015 Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut MORE »

Information on Tilt Bravo Availability

This letter from Syngenta, linked as a pdf document, includes information on 2016 Tilt Bravo SE use in Peanuts. Article first appeared as North Carolina Peanut Note (PNNC-2016-025) Accompanying email: From: Teeter Ken USME <ken.teeter@syngenta.com> Date: February MORE »

Belt Registration

University Cooperators and Specialists, This letter is to inform you of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) intention to cancel the registrations of flubendiamide-containing products in the United States. Please note: while under review, MORE »

Delays in Spraying After Mixing

Question: Good evening, was there or is there any data that is available that talks about how much a pesticide may break down or how it may be less effective if left for MORE »

Delays in Spraying Cotton

Performance of Cotton Agrochemicals when Spray Solution Application is Delayed. Peter M. Eure, David L. Jordan*, Jack S. Bacheler, Alan C. York, Loren R. Fisher, and Randy Wells Published in The Journal of MORE »

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