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Peanut Publications and Factsheets

2020 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual12/18/2019
Determining Peanut Pod Maturity and Estimating the Optimum Digging Date04/24/2020
2020 Peanut Information MAIN DOCUMENT2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Precision Agriculture Technology: How to Become a Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot03/07/2018
Peanut Leaf Spots05/14/2020
Interpreting Freeze / Frost Probabilities from the National Centers for Environmental Information02/28/2020
Chapter 7: Crop Production Management - PeanutsNorth Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide06/24/2019
Peanut Production Practices2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Cylindrocladium Black Rot of Peanut10/30/2018
Planting, Harvesting, and Curing Peanuts2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Peanut Seed2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide MAIN DOCUMENTNorth Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide06/24/2019
Risk of Pests in Peanut, Integrated Pest Management, and Pesticide Stewardship2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Extension Personnel Working with Peanuts2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Peanut Insect and Mite Management2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Compatibility of Agrochemicals Applied to Peanut2020 Peanut Information12/19/2019
Peanut Disease Management2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Peanut Weed Management2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Peanut Growth and Development and Peanut Industry Terminology2020 Peanut Information12/19/2019
Situation and Outlook2020 Peanut Information12/20/2019
Guidelines for the North Carolina Peanut Production Contest2020 Peanut Information12/19/2019
Challenges with Herbicide Resistance and Value of Cultural Practices in Managing Weeds: Examples from Research in North Carolina03/25/2020

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