Burndown Options in Peanut Peanut Notes No. 35 2019

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Winter weeds such as marestail (horseweed) can be difficult to control prior to planting peanut, especially as weeds get larger. And there is no product that comes close to giving complete control after peanuts emerge. We must assume that marestail is resistant to glyphosate in all fields. Applying 2,4-D or dicamba to help on this weed as well as weeds like cutleaf evening primrose needs to be done now to make sure control is adequate and residues that could injure peanut have dissipated. Paraquat and glufosinate can also be used as burndown treatments up to planting and prior to peanut emergence. But something needs to be applied well before that point in time and the synthetic auxins have a place if applied soon enough.