GPS Roll Over Week Information Peanut Notes No. 25 2019

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GPS Roll Over Week

GPS Roll Over will occur on April 6, 2019. The obvious question is “What is GPS Roll Over?”  GPS data are transmitted in a message format that has many elements. One such element is the GPS week number. The week number is used to help coordinate timing around the world and is used by utility companies and many other applications. If the week number is inaccurate, the time stamp on the data will be incorrect and conversion of month and year may be inaccurate.

This will actually be the second GPS Roll Over Week. The first one occurred on August 21, 1999. GPS Time originally started on Jan 6, 1980. Because of the message structure, it can only count 1024 weeks or 19.7 years. We are now approaching the second rollover.

Newer GPS receivers, such as those used on tractors, combines, spreaders, and sprayers, should deal with the rollover without issue. Some older receivers may not. To be safe, check with your dealer of receiver manufacturer to see if your system will need attention due to the rollover.

Gary Roberson

NC State Extension Specialist

Biological and Agricultural Engineering