Paraquat and Storm Mixtures Peanut Notes No. 54 2019

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Gramoxone (paraquat) plus Basagran (bentazon) is the best early season option for small weeds (3 inches or less) within 3 weeks after planting. Always include 0.5 pints of Basagran to minimize paraquat injury. Add Zidua, Dual Magnum, Warrant, or Outlook for residual control.

Storm plus Gramoxone is labeled for peanuts and is an important option for weed control in the southeastern states (Georgia, etc.)  When I make this application I always get a lot of injury and stunting. I do think peanuts eventually recover but it takes a while compared with Gramoxone plus Basagran. Storm has enough Basagran to safen the Gramoxone but the Blazer (acifluorfen) component can still cause some injury. The combination of acifluorfen and paraquat is hot. This combination is certainly good on weeds.

I also prefer we “save” the PPO herbicide (in this case acifluorfen – Blazer) for later in the season. I think a one-two punch of Gramoxone plus Basagran plus residual herbicide within 3 weeks after planting followed by a PPO herbicide (Storm, Ultra Blazer, or Cobra) is our best approach. I would not apply 2,4-DB with Gramoxone but would add it to any of the PPO inhibitors. In some fields, Cadre or Impose has a fit and can be mixed with Ultra Blazer or Cobra. Keep in mind that most fields have ALS resistant Palmer amaranth, so the mixture of Cadre/Impose and Ultra Blazer or Cobra needs to be at the size that allows the PPO in the mix to be effective. That is 4 inches or less.