Planting Dates Peanut Notes No. 58 2019

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In 2018 we had high yields from peanut planted well into June. One reason for this was greater than normal heat unit accumulation in August, September and part of October. And we had moisture in many places to push the crop along as well. We planted about 20% of the peanut crop in 2018 between June 1 and June 15. A very wet May in 2018 pushed planting well into June 2018. A very dry May in 2019 is also going to push planting into June, most likely, because moisture is limiting for seed germination and stand establishment. In general, yield is highest when peanut is planted in mid-May compared with early May or June. Events later in the season often dictates yield from later plantings and this can be difficult to predict. See Chapter 3 in 2019 Peanut Information for more details on peanut response to planting date and heat unit accumulation.